About Us

T3GPS Systems was developed to meet specialized needs of corporate and law enforcement entities. The company is owned and operated by law enforcement professionals with over 60 years combined experience. T3GPS Systems has the ability to customize almost any GPS tracking unit to meet the very specific needs of our customers without charging “customization” fees. T3GPS has worked with large corporations, Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies to develop high-end specialized tracking devices utilized to protect multi-million dollar assets and track contraband globally.

T3GPS Systems has a tracking device for just about every application; several of the devices are unique in nature and can be tracked anywhere on the globe. T3GPS Systems utilizes Globalstar low orbit satellite communications to ensure total global coverage unlike competitors that utilize cellular technology that is not available in many areas of the world, including many areas within the continental United States. Almost all of T3GPS tracking devices have their own power source (batteries) that are configured to last from 1-5 years; the devices can also be doubled as alarm systems while still providing high-end tracking.

T3GPS Systems also specializes in high-end covert camera systems designed specifically for law enforcement and intelligence agencies. T3GPS has recently added a Specialty Vehicle division to design and build covert surveillance platforms, command vehicles and specialty trailers.